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Cleo Handler – ‘Gold’

Los Angeles-based artist Cleo Handler has released the must-hear album ‘Gold’. It is a rock-pop release that needs to be on your new release radar this weekend.

‘Songs’ opens the album with an attention-demanding track complete with thought-provoking lyrics, laid-back instrumentation and charismatic vocal performances.

In addition, ‘Friends From College’ is a standout song; we adore the honest lyrics, charming delivery and excellent storytelling. Cleo Handler lets the audience feel at ease and welcomes them in with her addictive nature.

Moreover, ‘LES’ is a punchy song. The audience is hooked from the get-go with the stoic rhythm section, textured instrumentation, and gorgeous harmonies.

‘Problem’ is another brilliant track which draws the listener in and has us reaching for the repeat button. Finally, ‘Gold’ closes the release, bringing the album together beautifully.


Cleo Handler is a troubadour of the highest calibre, and this is evident throughout ‘Gold’. Each song works as a stand-alone piece but comes together to form a much bigger body of work.

One thing is for sure, ‘Gold’ is an album that needs to be heard to be fully appreciated!

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Cleo Handler says about the release, “‘Gold’ is about what is gained when everything is lost. The raw production, honest storytelling, and deeply personal lyrics explore loss of love, community, reality, and even your idea of yourself… but, hopefully, it’s also kind of fun.” She continues, “And oh, right – it’s a breakup album.”

Advanced BMI Songwriting Workshop

Cleo Handler is a multitalented artist. In addition to releasing music, she is a lyricist in the Advanced BMI Songwriting Workshop and an award-winning indie filmmaker. We are thrilled to have discovered ‘Gold’ and can not wait to hear what Handler will do next.


Until then, add ‘Gold’ to your new music playlist this week; enjoy from the player below.

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