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‘Clubotomy’ is a fantastic introduction into the genre fusing, always sassy and innovative band the Legendary Zeroes. Their 6 track EP released on 30th March 2018 is a lively, upbeat listen with Pop at its core.

‘Clubotomy’ is a mix of soulful, pop vocal performances and honest, hard hitting rap. ‘Make It Rain’, ‘Instafamous’ and Summer Sensation’ are all stand out tracks owing to the fact they embody strong beats, big chorus’ and a fierce contemporary touch. Kayla Fisher and Katy Carmichael’s vocals are reminiscent of Jess Glynn and Nicki Minaj in equal measure.

The production on ‘Clubotomy’ is excellent. It is punchy and crisp, with precise timing and infectious beats. The Legendary Zeros remind us of genre breaking electronic music from the 80’s era, redefined and reinvented for 2018. The rap sections have been mixed in seamlessly with the catchy pop creating an innovative sound all of their own.

‘Clubotomy’ is filled with future Club Classics and big tunes which will be the soundtrack to your summer 2018.

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018




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