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The brilliant brand new single ‘Circling the Sun’ is the latest collaboration between producer Reflected Illusions and Crystal Casey. The song is a deep and thought provoking look at time, the earth and our place in the universe.

‘Circling the Sun’ opens with a gentle fade which sets the scene of the ambient and chilled magic which is to come. Next, we hear gorgeous synths which are encased in reverb and delay to help create a wonderful atmospheric audio landscape. Then, we are introduced to Crystal Casey’s stirring vocals. A relaxing hum can be heard first which is followed by thought provoking lyrics. The lyrics work well with the instrumentation, together they set the scene magically.

Crystal Caseys’s charming and characterful voice is a shining star in the piece. Her tone and vocal delivery have been executed to perfection. Her voice has elements which reminds us of Sade mixed with Sarah McLachlan but do not be mistaken, she has a sound which is unmistakably all of her own.

The instrumentation is a masterclass on how to build layers, create textures and always remain interesting. The initial drumbeat and through the verses is syncopated and laid back. The short snare and high hats have been mixed and blended well into the production. The synths create a sound of the solar system. We are not quite sure how they have cleverly managed to achieve this! When listening to ‘Circling the Sun’ the percussion makes you feel as though you are floating, gracefully and peacefully to a magical happening. Blissful.

The vocals and the instrumentation work in perfect harmony with each other throughout, assisting each other when needed and shining on their own when their time comes. They never intrude upon one another but always compliment each other well.  

The powerful ‘Tic Toc’ sound at the end is open to interpretation. For us, we felt as though it was a message counting down to the end of the world. Time is running out as the planet is being destroyed and the sound acts as a call to action. A really powerful message and one which needs to be heard.

It is obvious to say that a collaboration between such talented beings as Crystal Casey and Reflected Illusions is going to be something incredibly special. We just hope there will be such a union again in the future. Having just been released on 16th September 2018, this single is destined for big things. Check out this mesmerising release today!

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018

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