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D760B621-D607-4788-BB61-FA7311DAD03F‘Sol Rich 2’ is the new release by Cumlaude. This 11 track piece of art is filled with luscious harmonies and addictive beats in abundance.

The album opens with the song, ‘Oh God’. It features synth drums which have been programmed superbly and vocals which have been layered and mixed to either side of the audio spectrum to create wonderful texture. We adored the addition of reverb and delay on the vocals which gives them space and room in the mix. There are many vocals in this track and we especially liked the mix of the high and low octaves speaking in unison. It is an unusual technique which has been used expertly here.

We also enjoyed the track, ‘Let Go’ for its unusual percussion and beats which keeps the listener on their toes. The song is filled with unusual twists and turns which makes for an enthralling listen. Cumlaude is anything but predictable!

‘Her Bed’ is our favourite track on ‘Sol Rich 2’, it most certainly has single potential. It is a sexually explicit song in nature and is for an adult audience. There is an ominous feel to it and lyrics such as, “You don’t understand what’s in my head,” adds to this uneasy atmospheric piece. We loved how the lyrics are repeated and this makes for an impactful chapter in this tale of the album.

‘My Way’ is also a top class song. It hears Cumlaude’s vocals shine in their finest light. With a mix of singing and rapping it is a perfect demonstration as to the phenomenal talent which Cumlaude is. The song is relatable and features a gorgeous sounding piano too. The rap is free-flowing and Cumlaude hits every cadence perfectly every time.

We also must mention the mix, production and master of the ‘Sol Rich 2’, it uses the perfect amounts of compression, reverb and delay and creates a sound which is unlike anything else. We adored the space of the instrumentation in the mix and most of all it ensures that the luscious vocals are the main shining star of the piece. It truly is mesmerising and memorable listening.

So do not delay on this beautiful Bank Holiday weekend, make sure you check out this divine release, it will not disappoint!

Reviewed by FVReveiws May 2019

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