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DANiiVoryHailing from Pittsburgh, DANiiVory is an incredible artist, singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Her single, ‘Blackout’ originally released in 2018 on Broken Records is a spellbinding song, filled with heart and passion.

‘Blackout’ opens to the sound of DANiiVory’s stunning vocals and a chordal piano. We hear subtle yet integral guitar licks, synths, clicks and drums throughout the piece which are layered and add depth and dimension to a cleverly composed song. We adored the rising bridge which links the verse and the chorus seamlessly, lifting the piece beautifully. The high hats on the chorus are energetic and driving while the synths are filled with reverb creating atmosphere galore!

The stand out star of the piece is most certainly DANiiVory’s vocals. She has the kind of voice we could listen to all day and still be wanting more. Her tone is exquisite and her phrasing adds further depth and intrigue to the piece. Her performance on this single is filled with emotion and intensity which left us reaching for the repeat button.

We must also mention the superb mix, production and master of this song. There is a lot of instrumentation to be heard and each element has its own space in the mix while also all coming together to form one cohesive piece of music. The use of panning makes the track feel well balanced too. We loved the delay and reverb on the vocals especially, they have been used to just the right degree. They enhance but do not overwhelm. Simply blissful.

Having toured with artists such as Beyonce, Imagine Dragons and Cee Lo Green, it is clear DANiiVory is an extremely talented and gifted artist. It is now time for DANiiVory to shine in her own light and with a single like ‘Blackout’, she is surely on a path to success. We could easily hear this single being played in a club and/or for film and TV placements and we are sure DANiiVory is a name you will hear a lot more from in the future.

We can’t believe it took us so long to discover this magnificent artist. We will most certainly be watching with eager anticipation to see what will come next from such an exciting talent. Check out ‘Blackout’ Today!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2019


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