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Maggie Blitz

DCxPC Live Vol. 10 Presents RATH & The Wise Guys / The Kutoffs Live at Lou’s

DCxPC Live Vol. 10 Presents are back with a super live EP. Recorded at Lou’s, it is a vibrant release featuring two bands; RATH & The Wise Guys and The Kutoffs. One thing is for sure; it is an EP you do not want to miss this January.

RATH & The Wise Guys open the live EP with three songs. The first is ‘Melt My Brain’, and it is instantly engaging. Fuelled by exciting rhythms, upbeat melodies and attention-demanding vocal performances, it is a song that is filled with adrenaline.

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Next, ‘Stiffed’ showcases memorable riffs and excellent musicianship. We adore the brilliant musicianship that fills the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. It is a short track at 1:27 but packs a big punch in that time!

Moreover, ‘Nose Candy’ closes RATH & The Wise Guys’ tracks on the album with another engaging and dynamic song. One thing is for sure, RATH & The Wise Guys need to be heard!

The Kutoffs

The Kutoffs’ first song is called, ‘Taking Off’. They masterfully take to the stage and immediately set the scene as to what is to come. We adore the lively performances, stunning arrangements and charismatic vocal performances.

In addition, ‘Enjoy The Ride’ closes the EP with driving guitars and a rocking vibe. The Kutoffs are an exciting band who are destined for big things.


We are thrilled to have heard DCxPC Live Vol. 10 Presents RATH & The Wise Guys / The Kutoffs Live at Lou’s. They are two bands who are driving the punk-rock genre forward with a fresh sound and attention-demanding melodies.

So make sure you add DCxPC Live Vol. 10 Presents RATH & The Wise Guys / The Kutoffs Live at Lou’s to your new music playlist this week. You will not be disappointed!

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