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destiny333QWe are so excited to have been able to review the superb song ‘Wake Up’ the new single from the divinely talented Destiny 333. It is a truly beautiful track, that will stay with you long after the music has finished. 

‘Wake Up’ begins with a solo piano which has vinyl crackles to accompany it. From the get-go, the atmospheric scene has been set with this subtle touch. The track feels warm with a melancholy feel to it. Destiny 333’s performance reminds us of Eminem’s ‘Stan’, the verses are all spoken word/rap and the choruses are sung. The verses feel almost spiritual as though the truth is being spoken to you by a friend giving their advice. The cadences are elegant, they flow and float the song along on a blissful audio sea.

There is an array of instrumentation to be heard in the background of ‘Wake Up’. Bass, drums, pianos, and strings all create a unique backdrop for the vocals to shine. There is a syncopated kick drum on the second verse which adds colour to the piece and all of the instruments fit perfectly into the mix with enough room to hear them individually as well as a collective.

Destiny 333’s vocals feel like a motivational speech as the song progresses. She speaks sense and offer her guidance and support to the listener. With the melancholic feel to the track from the minor chords on the chorus and the sadness in the strings, Destiny 333’s lyrics are juxtaposed to this and offer hope. 

An unexpected twist comes when the word ‘legacy’ is used. All instrumentation stops and then we hear lots of delay on the word ‘legacy’ which suspends the song in mid-air until the track cuts back in. This is a stunning touch and is followed by a chorus and a fade out at the end. The message and delivery of the lyrics are the shining star of the piece and this is  all credit to the talent that Destiny 333 has. We can not wait to hear more from this intoxicating talent. 

Reviewed by FVReviews September 2018

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  1. wake up is fire…and it has helped me with my life n how now i want every body out there in the world to Wake UP…The Time Is Now!!!Do you accept the challenge

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