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ngbhpmmjbielckak‘Light On’ is the infectiously brilliant single from New York-based band, Diamond Lake. Having formed in 2012, Diamond Lake is a powerful force to be reckoned with. They are taking their rock/pop brand of music to the streets and they are most certainly a band who need to be heard.

‘Light On’ is essentially a love song. It describes a break up with the option of the light being left on for a reconciliation. Its clever composition made it an instantaneous hit with us and we’re sure it is with new and old Diamond Lake fans alike.

The song begins with drums, bass and a guitar with a staccato rhythm. It is an opening which demands the listeners attention and captivates their imagination. The drums and bass stay throughout the verse with the guitar coming back in for the latter half of them. The choruses are driving with a big sound and catchy composition. We loved the addition of a tambourine which added another layer of colour. The middle eight sees sixteenths in the high hats and the outro is the same as the intro, bringing the song full circle.

Diamond Lake reminds us of The Strokes in places. Their energetic feel and catchy melodies make for a band destined for the top. Each of the band members are exquisite musicians in their own right. The drum is big and commands the listener’s attention, they are the heartbeat of the song and the feel changes at their command. The Bass in the verses has its own melody which is unusual, it does not follow the drums. This makes for a unique feel, it is travelling on its own path but yet still complimenting the vocals. The bass never gets intrudes on the vocals but adds a further dimension to a well-composed song.

Comprised of Jarrod Riddle, Ollie Bauer and Andrew Gruhn, Diamond Lake are a supremely talented group of musicians. So make sure you check out this magnificent trio today, you will not be disappointed. We can not wait to hear what comes next from Diamond Lake.

Reviewed by FVReviews April 2019






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