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59d0682121d203951822c611a125af090bddc4d6_phixr‘My Queen’ is the genius latest release from the talented Australian alternative Singer/Songwriter, Diana Anaid. There was a time in the 90’s where we were so spoilt to have an abundance of female singer songwriters, we thought it would last forever. Unfortunately in the current day, the numbers of these essential goddesses in the mainstream have dwindled again but the discovery of Diana Anaid has given us hope!

The first track from the 2017 album, ’Into Your Heart’ is a belter of an opening. It it reminiscent of so many wonderful 90’s artists: Tori Amos, in the falsetto vocals in the verse, Ani Difranco with the energetic and bold strumming patterns and Sheryl Crow for the rich vocals in the chorus but it all culminates in a sound which is unmistakably Diana Anaid. The track takes unexpected twists and turns musically, because of this, the sound is always fresh and exciting. The funky bass and energetic drums help to keep the pace while sprinkling their own magic always adding texture. We adored the subtle additions of the hammond organ and the gorgeous backing vocals on the chorus too. 

We also loved the tracks, ‘Better Girl’ for its stunning chord progression on the chorus. Anaid’s luscious and rich vocals are tones for the soul and the hard hitting middle 8 takes yet another unsuspecting turn. We adored ‘Mortify Me’ for its unexpected departure into reggae beats in the verse followed by the distorted rock guitars in the chords. This mix of different genres within one song highlights Anaid’s exceptional composition ability. She can fuse together different musical classifications and switch between them effortlessly. 

Our favourite track is the title track, ‘My Queen’. The fast flowing vocals remind us of Lisa Loeb. The cadences ebb and flow gracefully and the major 7th chords on the verse draw your ear into their welcoming waves. The rattling high hats, horns in the background and elements of spoken word (where Diana’s Australian accent can be detected) all add layers of depth to the piece. Magical.

The entire album is filled with emotionally relatable lyrics and a high level of musicianship. The excellent production and mastering makes this record stand out from the corwd. The album takes staple 90’s elements and ethics and reinvents them to sound fresh for 2018.

In a time where there is still not more than one (if we’re lucky!) female headliner at major festivals, a second coming of Lilth Fair is needed more than ever. We believe Diana Anaid is a brilliant place to start the revival! 

‘My Queen’ is a welcome addition to any playlist so don’t delay, check it out today!

Reviewed by FVReviews August 2018




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