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Doll Riot – Alex Tchoukhrova

Doll Riot – ‘Mrreowrr’

Oceanside-based band Doll Riot have released the brilliant single ‘Mrreowrr’. It is a hard-rock release that you need to hear this Autumn 2022.

An enticing guitar opens the release. It is fuelled by distortion and sets the tone for what is to come. Then, as the full band sound kicks in, the perfect foundations are laid for the stoic vocals to shine.

We adore the hard-hitting lyrics that punch the audience in the face. The charismatic vocal delivery strikes the perfect tone, and the listener is hooked.

Moreover, ‘Mrreowrr’ has been intelligently arranged, taking the listener on unexpected twists and turns, and keeping the piece feeling fresh. There is a rise and fall in the instrumentation that injects the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. ‘Mrreowrr’ is a single you do not want to miss.

Doll Riot say about this superb release, “This single is about the stereotyping of females for having emotions and the anger that arises as a result.” Doll Riot is a band who are using their powerful platform to highlight issues that could otherwise stay in the shadows.

Band Members

Doll Riot comprises of members Elena Olszak – vocals/guitar, Ella Sauer guitars, London Kraus – bass and Lillee Gillum – drums. They are clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, but when they play together, magic happens.

Drums at zZounds


Doll Riot cites their influences as coming from Destroy Boys, No Doubt, L7, and Hole. We can hear these influences coming through on ‘Mrreowrr’, but make no mistake; Doll Riot is making music all of their own.

Patrick Trolan

In addition, Doll Riot worked with Patrick Trolan (The Tracks Studio), who recorded, engineered and mixed the single. Together the team have done a fantastic job in creating a piece of art that puts Doll Riot as a band leading the hard-rock genre forward into 2023.

We can not wait to hear what they will do next!

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Keyboards at zZounds

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