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Ohxzy has released his brand new album, ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’. This album is the follow up to the superb EP ‘Heartbreak Diaries’ which we reviewed in October 2018. What a follow up it is! ‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ retains a lot of the charm and all of the character of ‘Heartbreak Diaries’ but it has a matured and evolved sound all of its own.

The opening tracks ‘Sun Meets Night pt1 ft Martha Bowker & jtheartist’ begins with the spoken word. This a mysterious​ introduction before a solo instrument kicks in and rap like​ a poem is spoken. There is a nice delay on the vocal which gives space to the piece and sets up what is to come beautifully.

We adored the song, ‘Homeless Shelter Ft. Riddiman’. The song opens to a vinyl crackle, piano and then a phat bass line kicks in. The track rolls along nicely with Ohxzy’s vocals as the shining star.

We also loved the track ‘Daughter!’ for its syncopated beats. The composition of the beat is such that the beat comes in and out creating texture and interest. ‘Hangover’ Ft. Sevenislost & Joe Cooper is a stunning song. Alcoholism is the theme at the centre of the track and the way the song has been executed is excellent. It is filled with sensitive, melancholic and relatable lyrics which all make this song a strong contender for our stand out track on the album.

Ohxzy’s vocals are unique and recognisable to his sound. There is a depth of honesty and raw emotion to his vocal parts which are truly heartbreaking in places. We adored the synth programming on the album but we also loved the real instruments. The piano and guitars we hear throughout are intricate and are a carefully selected accompaniment to the lyrical star.

‘Don’t Talk to Strangers’ is dark in nature, a sense of melancholy can be felt on each track unifying the album as a whole. It is not simply an album filled with ​depression and melancholy but is a ​truly beautiful recount of one person’s​ place in time. There are gorgeous moments of lyrical genius. Ohxzy gives the listener a wonderfully articulate look into his life, thoughts and experiences. We know this album will be a massive hit because it is relatable. These songs will touch the hearts and minds of many different people.

So do not delay and​​ make sure you check out this magnificent release today. Make sure to follow Ohxzy too, we know we will! He is a superb talent and this is just the beginning for him.

Reviewed by FVReviews February 2019


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