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a3642549518_16Doug Collins and The Receptionists have released their latest album,’Good Sad News’. It is a magnificent album which showcases the best in energetic Country music.

‘Good Sad News’ opens with the track, ‘Conversation With My Heart’. First, we hear electric guitar riffs which set the scene beautifully as to what is to come. Upbeat drums, bass and sweet harmonies fill the audio spectrum with their carefully crafted rhythms and melodies. There is a surprising switch to minor chords which will become a signature of this record. It is used in many places and is surprising each time. There is also a guitar solo which has wonderful melodies, clear and concise. Blissful.

‘Little House (Built For Two)’ is again an happy song. There are rolling bass and drums to be enjoyed with upbeat, sweet vocals. The signature move kicks in where the minor chords appear and it is quite disconcerting. There is also a staccato rhythm introduced which adds texture to the piece. The emotions are layered in this song, they start happy and upbeat and slowly turn to sadness. It is clever writing and reinforces the title of the album, ‘Good Sad News.’

There are many songs to be enjoyed during this piece of work. We adored ‘Please Don’t Make Me Leave You’ for it’s smooth, sway 50’s feel. ‘Crush On You’ has the most beautiful harmonies from the get-go. ‘I Saw You Dancing’ sees a change of tempo. It is in 3/4 and is much slower than its predecessors. The pedal steel guitar is a beautiful addition and there is a twang of sadness in the air to the whole piece. ‘Hey Mary’ features an accordion heavily which was a refreshing addition and is played superbly. Finally, ‘Top of the Watchtower’ is based on a 12 bar, it ends on an upbeat feel with lots of trademark riffs and harmonies.

The musicianship on ‘Good Sad News’ is extremely high. Collins’s voice plays a pivotal part to the proceedings and conveys emotion beautifully. His tone seems innocent but there are always layers of the story underpinning it. The Mix, master and production of the album have also been executed to a high standard.

So check out this spectacular release today, you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019





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