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Dutty Album Cover Promo.jpg‘Precipice’ Is the brand new release from the phenomenally talented artist, Dutty Devioso. 

Released on the label Groove Control Entertainment, this 16 track album is deep and detailed from the beginning to the end. ‘Precipice’ opens with our favourite song, ‘Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammo’. First, we hear synths rising, followed by a list of people who we have lost, their names are followed by the words “Rest In Peace”. A classy and respectful beginning. It is an ominous opening for a track which is destined to touch your heart. It talks of the vitally important movement, ‘Black Lives Matter’ and how precious life is. The kick drum feels infectious and is the heartbeat of the song. We adored the sampled speech and the whole song is a masterclass in composition for any musician.

There are many excellent tracks on ‘Precipice’. ‘Ez’ creates the perfect instrumental backdrop for the rap to shine. Dutty Deviso’s rap is pure poetry. We also loved, ‘Never Looking Back’, for its attention-grabbing synths and pop culture references. ‘After the Rain’ for its honest reflection on depression and clever (again) poetical lyrics. ‘Go Dumb’ has an infectious, solid beat and reiterates that each song is filled with soul and quality. Our final favourite pick is, ‘Let Me Know’ for its honesty, it is a breakup song. ‘Precipice’ is filled with music with a purpose and a message to send. This is what sets this album apart from the crowd, Devioso is an artist who is using his platform and his voice for good.

A Louisiana native, Dutty Devioso has produced an album which is full of heart. His talented use of lyrical composition makes this album stand out from the crowd. He has the skill and ability to tackle serious subject matters with heart and authority. He is also relatable in his songs which are of a personal relationship matter too. He has a human connection with people which is something which can not be taught. His natural abilities are on show in abundance on this record and what a pleasure it has been for us to review it.

So check out this truly sublime release today, we are sure you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

Artist Name: Dutty Devioso

Album Title: Precipice

Artist Website: http://www.duttydevioso.com

I-Tunes – http://tinyurl.com/yxeros8c

Spotify – http://tinyurl.com/y4mhxm5b




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