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Dylan Tauber
Dylan Tauber

Dylan Tauber – ‘The Lagoon’

Hailing from Israel, musician Dylan Tauber has released the stunning album ‘The Lagoon’. It is an alternative electronic-pop release that you need to hear this Autumn.

‘Please Stay’ opens the release to an instantly inviting vibe with a pulsing beat and soulful vocals. Moreover, we adore the synths that inject a luscious colour into the piece.

‘Cyber Spirit’ is a stand-out song complete with gorgeous synths and a stoic kick drum that feels like the track’s heartbeat. In addition, ‘Don’t Let Go’ takes the album in a new direction with memorable melodies and intelligently arranged instrumentation.

Also, ‘Hold My Hand’ swims into the sonic spectrum and demands the listener’s attention. Finally, ‘Light Warrior’ closes the album beautifully, leaving the audience reaching for the repeat button.

Multitalented Artist

Dylan Tauber is a multitalented artist. He is an award-winning electronic music producer, cyber artist, photographer, author, and brilliant musician. He has released 15 electronically-infused albums, and after hearing ‘The Lagoon’, we can not wait to check out Tauber’s back catalogue too.


‘The Lagoon’ is precisely why we know the album release will never die. It is a collection of songs that come together to form a more extensive body of work. This cohesive piece of art benefits from being listened to in its entirety, so turn the lights down and the volume up!

Drums at zZounds

Dylan Tauber

So make a note of the name Dylan Tauber. It may be the first time you have heard it, but we are sure it will not be the last. Tauber is destined for big things, and we can not wait to listen to what he will do in 2023.


So make sure you add ‘The Lagoon’ to your new music playlist this week! You will not be disappointed.

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