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‘Lonely’ is the hauntingly beautiful single by the brilliant trio, Echoglass. They are originally from Blackburn, Lancashire. A town that is becoming a beacon for a thriving Northern England music scene. This latest release is a must listen for any music lover and we have been lucky enough to review it ahead of its June 2019 release date.

The song opens to the sound of a gorgeous piano, there are various shimmering sounds to be heard and building percussion too. The main male vocal is deep, soulful and demands the listeners’ attention from the get-go. It is interesting to hear this vocal evolve as the piece progresses. His range expands and the power which he possesses gets unleashed. One thing is for sure, the listener can’t help but be moved from the performance alone. This composition is simply breathtaking.

We hear many instruments as the piece continues. Drums, bass and horns create an audio landscape which is rich in colour and quality. We adored the addition of the female vocal too, she adds a new dimension to the piece and adds to the layers of harmonies and interest. The female vocal appears again at the end as a spoken word piece. She says, “Love happens and then it ends”. It sounds like a sad ending but we felt uplifted and enchanted as to what we had just heard. The music provides hope in its composition and this juxtaposition makes for a complete and enthralling listen.

Echoglass describes the song as, “A ballad that tells the story of a love cursed by itself.” We think this is a perfect description. It is most certainly a poignant song which will resonate with a lot of people. Love is a subject we can all relate to, regardless of race, age and gender. We found there to be a sense of solace and acceptance in the lyrics.

We must also mention the video which accompanies the release, it is atmospheric with natural images of the sea and sunsets to be enjoyed. There are glimpses of tender interactions between people and it truly is the perfect accompaniment to a powerful song.

Comprised of DA McKenna, Remmy and Bo, Echoglass are a band on the rise. ‘Lonely’ is a perfect example of the class and dignified music they produce. We can not wait to see what comes next from such a talented group, we will be watching with eager anticipation and we suggest you do too!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019


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