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Jimmy Knowledge is a Hiphop and Rap musician from United States of America and has released his latest single ‘Eif In a Backwood’ Ft. Twon, Rari in 2018. We have had the privilege to listen and review it for you all!

The tune is most certainly a big one. It starts with a flute which the listener does not realise at the time but it will become a staple part of the track and the sample will keep reoccurring throughout the piece. The flute is very breathy in its delivery, so much so you can almost feel it being played in your ear. We hear spoken word instructing (the producer?) to turn the sample up, this voice has a perfect delay on it which comes back again quieter a second or so later. Then the rapped chorus kicks in accompanied by the beat. There is a phat bass line which fills all of the bottom register gorgeously. The chorus repeats the title ‘Eif In a Backwood’ is such a catchy way over and over again, it will have you rapping along in no time. 

The first verse is Jimmy Knowledge spitting bars of lyrics so fast with the cadences landing perfectly each time. This effortless delivery and composition shows the skill and talent Jimmy Knowledge has and is demonstrating on his turf. 

The high hats are at the top end of the tone spectrum where they should be. They cut above the other instrumentation well and are placed perfectly into the mix. The rhythm they inhabit changes regularly and all add to the curiosity for a listener. The snare also has a snappy texture offering something new to the preexisting instrumentation. 

Next, the track cuts out and leaves just the flute sample playing over. Then the spoken word comes back and instructs to “Turn it up.” The flute is indeed turned up before the beat comes back in followed by the familiar chorus. We loved all of this, it was unexpected and innovative for a familiar genre. Jimmy Knowledge is pushing boundaries of a preexisting much loved genre here. Skinny Twon and Rari add a brand new levels which have not been heard before making sure the sound is always from and spitting lyrics from a new perspective. 

‘Eif In a Backwood’ is chill, grinding and catchy in nature. The tune has so many little touches which are so special. On the first few listens it is impossible to take them all in but the more times you listen, the more subtle textures and layers you can hear. There are many different types of synths and percussion. We loved the cowbell adding new dimensions and width. It is electronic composition at its best.

What an exciting artist, we can’t wait to hear what comes next!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018

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