Eli Lev/My Silent Bravery- ‘I’m Ready’ Single Release

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Eli Lev/My Silent Bravery- 'I'm Ready'
Eli Lev/My Silent Bravery- ‘I’m Ready’

Eli Lev/My Silent Bravery- ‘I’m Ready’ Single Release

Hailing from Maryland, musician Eli Lev and My Silent Bravery have released the stunning single, ‘I’m Ready’. It is a folk-rock release that is filled with a lot of heart. 

A big, inviting opening greets the listener and the smokey vocals instantly draw the audience in. Then, as the instrumentation kicks in, we adore the stoic rhythm section, which creates a solid foundation for the song to evolve. 

In addition, we adore the rise and fall in the instrumentation; the intelligently composed arrangement knows when to pull in and out, creating a wonderful texture within the track. 

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Also, the chorus is infectious and stays with the listener long after the music has ended. ‘I’m Ready’ is a memorable and charismatic song that could well be the breakthrough release for Eli Lev and My Silent Bravery.


‘I’m Ready’ has been masterfully co-written and co-performed by Eli Lev (Boonsboro, Maryland) and Matthew Wade of My Silent Bravery (Worcester, Massachusetts). In addition, it was produced by James McGorman (Goo Goo Dolls, Gwen Steffani). Together the team have created a song that will stand the test of time. 

Photo: Eric G. Brown
Photo: Eric G. Brown

Photo: Eric G. Brown
Photo: Eric G. Brown


Eli says about collaborating with Matthew Wade, “Matt has always been a huge inspiration of mine as a songwriter, singer, and community leader. It was an honor writing this song with him, and it brought out something of my own songwriting that was new and exciting.”

Previous Releases

Previously, Eli released ‘Four Directions’, which compiles four conceptual EPs (‘All Roads East’ 2017, ‘Way Out West’ 2018, ‘Deep South’ 2019, ‘True North’ 2021). After hearing ‘I’m Ready’, we can not wait to check out Eli’s back catalogue too.

We hope further collaborations are planned between Eli Lev, Matthew Wade and James McGorman. They are a formidable team who have made a timeless release. We are very excited to hear what will come next. 

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