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Elion Melody

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Elion Melody – ‘The Storm’

Hailing from New York, singer/songwriter Elion Melody has released the superb single ‘The Storm’ today, 8th January 2021. It is a commercial-pop release with a big heart. 

From an atmospheric opening, ‘The Storm’ breaks through. Elion Melody’s vocals grace the piece from the get-go. His voice has a smooth and enticing quality which instantly compels the listener and draws their attention in. 

In addition, the layered vocals are enchanting and add further interest in the piece. We adore the chorus, which is catchy and stays with the listener long after the music ends. 

We adore the backing instrumentation too, which creates further depth and texture within the piece. There is a gorgeous balance achieved in the mix, which further enhances ‘The Storm’s appeal. 

Elion Melody says about the release, “The Storm details a debilitating relationship that has inflicted an excruciating toll on one’s well being. This song is an attempt to finally express prior feelings without being shut down.” He continues, “The main ethos behind ‘The Storm’ is showcasing vulnerability, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.”

BEATDEMONS/Braulio Rodriguez

BEATDEMONS provided the instrumental for the release, and the track was produced, mixed and mastered by Braulio Rodriguez from Stronger Bond Studios. Together, the team have done an excellent job creating a single that sets Elion Melody apart from the crowd. 

Melody cites his influences as coming from artists such as Young Thug, Drake, Trey Songz, T-Pain, Post Malone, The-Dream, Eric Bellinger, and Frank Ocean. We can hear these artists coming through on ‘The Storm’ but make no mistake, Elion Melody is making music all of his own. 

We are so excited to have discovered ‘The Storm’ and thoroughly recommend adding it to your weekend playlist. Elion Melody is an artist who is just getting started, and we eagerly anticipate what will come next!

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