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Emily McLoud – ‘Sugar Shine’

Hailing from Austin, TX, musician Emily McLoud has released the stunning EP, ‘Sugar Shine’. It is an Americana release that you need to hear this Winter of 2022.

‘So They Say’ opens the release to a bouncy rhythm juxtaposed with melancholy lyrics. We love the layered instrumentation that instantly draws the listener in.

Next, the title track takes the album in a fresh direction. Emily McLoud’s soulful vocals ring out and take the reins of the song. In addition, we adore ‘Ain’t as It Seems’, a track that evolves before the audience and the excellent storytelling shines out.

Moreover, ‘Disguise’ features excellent guitar work and memorable melodies that stay with the listener long after the music has ended. Finally, ‘Ordinary Day’ closes the release beautifully.


Many superb musicians appear on the EP, including Harry Clark (mandolin), Shawne Byrne (bass, mandolin), Luis Espaillat (bass), Randy Kohrs (dobro), Nick Chambers (drums), Michah Wagner (electric guitar, pedal steel), Dave Lovett (keyboard), Joshua Shilling (keyboards, Wurlitzer piano, Hammond B3 organ) and Andy Ellison (pedal steel).

Drums at zZounds

Micah Wagner/Tom Dolbear

In addition, Sugar Shine’ has been recorded, mixed and produced by Micah Wagner at Mister Studios and mastered by Tom Dolbear at Eclectica Studios in Nashville, TN. Together, the team have created an EP that will stand the test of time and one that firmly puts Emily McLoud as an artist at the top of her game.


Emily McLoud says about her music, “I do what I do because I can’t not do it. I feel compelled. It’s a creative outlet. I almost indulge in it, as it feels indulgent to create in those ways.” She continues, “It’s tricky and challenging, which is part of the fun—and also what can drive you crazy.”

One thing is for sure, Emily McLoud is a musician making waves going into 2023. She is continually pushing forward, and we look forward to what she will do next.

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Keyboards at zZounds

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