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EI-Logo.jpgWe have had the absolute privilege to review the brand new album, ‘On Fire’ by American band EverIgnite. Based in Denver, Colorado EverIgnite have composed an album which is filled with big songs, catchy anthems and undeniable class. The album has a big Rock sound which has been reinvented for 2018 and is a masterclass in songwriting.

Comprised of: Chad Anthony (Lead Vocals/Guitars), Kris Litman (Lead Guitar), Josh Rosa (Bass) and Jackson Ruggiero (Drums), EverIgnite are a group off incredibly special musicians. They sound like a band who know each other inside out, feeding off of one another as the album progresses and weaving in and out of each other’s parts seamlessly.

Having been released Independently on 26th September 2018, ‘Shift’ is a spellbinding collection of 12 songs. The album opens with the track, ‘On Fire’. It has a distorted suited opening which sets the tone for what is to come. It is heavy Rock in nature with a  soulful, melodic voice at its core. ‘On Fire’ features beautiful harmonies, a pop-rock feel, and relatable lyrics. It most certainly has single potential.

There are so many wonderful songs on ‘Shift’ but we have tried to pick our favourites. ‘The Slowdown’ has a bold opening which falls away and the first verse is simply guitars and vocals. This is followed by guitars, bass, and drums kicking in in a big way! The double-tracked vocals and double kick drum drive the song along and the gorgeous guitar solo adds further character and depth to the piece.

We also loved, ‘Starting Over’ which features female vocals which reminded us of Avril Lavigne in tone. It has a slower tempo to what we have heard previously and the vocals are the shining star of the piece. A male voice sings the Verses with a duet on the chorus. There is also a brilliantly written and performed rap which is an unexpected and welcomed turn, further keeping the listener on their toes.

The final song, ‘Set on Fire’ is a swift change in nature. Far from the big rock sound, this song opens with an acoustic guitar and synth keyboard, very delicate. The acoustic guitar is picking arpeggio chords and the vocal performance is simply stunning. We wonder if this is a nod to the album which will follow, we will just have to wait and see!

If you do one thing today, check out this magnificent release!

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018




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