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IMG_3458Cameron Stephens is a Lo Fi artist from Sacramento in the United States. His latest EP ‘The Venust Odyssey of the Wayfayer Epimetheus and his Larghetto Songs’ has been released in June 2018 and we are reviewing the third and final track, ‘Evicted’.

The beginning of the track very much sets the tone for the song to come. It is a relatively short song, just 2 minutes 28 seconds in length but in that time it feeds the soul and ticks all the ‘brilliant song’ boxes!

It begins with the sound of a record player complete with its inviting hiss, which is a lovely vintage touch. It lets the listener know that they are in for a thoroughly charming, warm and welcoming song. The gentle crackles with the never ending cycle of sound really sets the scene and lets you know you are in for a winner from the beginning. 

This is followed by a gorgeous piano being played to perfection. The bass and drums kick in with Stephen’s warm, rich and soulful vocals. Also, there are sweet and laid back backing vocals which appear later, adding a whole new layer to be digested. The main vocals and the backing vocals work together in beautiful harmony. They are truly effortless and blissful in their delivery. 

‘Evicted’ feels like an old standard which has been reinvented for 2018 by Stephens. He has made the song feel extremely current. His lyrics are incredibly relatable and will appeal to a wide variety of listeners, young and old alike. It is catchy in nature and will have you reaching for the repeat button over and over again this summer. 

We adored the mix and the production of ‘Evicted’, there is just enough compression and reverb to make the track feel smooth and complete. The drums have a wonderful quality to them, the snare is snappy and the kick is phat and active. Stephens voice is major selling point and the addition of the backing vocals enhance and intensity an already magical track.  

There is no denying the sheer talent Stephens’ has and this is demonstrated time and time again on this EP. His piano playing, vocals, composition and arrangements all work together harmoniously creating a rich tapestry of audio pleasure for the listener to indulge in. 

The artwork which accompanies ‘The Venust Odyssey of the Wayfayer Epimetheus and his Larghetto Songs’ suits it perfectly. It is simple yet striking and to the point. We must say that the EP as a whole is just brilliant, tender and relatable. ‘Evicted’ is the icing on the cake. We can not recommend this EP enough. So do yourself a favour and check out this exciting artist today, you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018

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