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‘Fairy Tales’ is the 4th studio album to be released by the supremely talented Luke Fox. It is 13 tracks in length and takes the listener on a real journey. 

The album starts with the title track, ‘Fairy Tales’. It has a mysterious feeling to the opening which is brilliantly paired with the song and album title. It has curious synths, accompanied by a steady yet funky bass and spell blinding percussion. Luke Fox’s rap style is reminiscent of Eminem mixed with Jimmy Pop (Bloodhound Gang). The opening song is really special. Fox seamlessly switches from rapping to singing which is another string to this multitalented artists bow. The chorus is catchy and one thing is for sure, it will have you singing along from the get go.

There are so many strong tracks on this album it is hard to pick favourites but pick we must. We adored ‘A Sweet Lullaby’, from the reverb on the opening vocals to the picked acoustic guitar, to another blissfully catchy chorus, the entire song is just divine. Unusually, the chorus is stripped back instrumentation wise. This lets the vocals shine through and take the spot light. We loved this run against expectation. This is a big part of the charm with this album as a whole, the listener is never completely sure what will come next. ‘A Sweet Lullaby’s’ phrasing is a pure joy, it bounces along to a melodic rhythm and is just wonderfully enjoyable.

‘Wolves Outside’ has reoccurring and haunting sounding pipes which all add to the ‘Fairy Tales’ theme. We enjoyed these types of attention to detail, little nods back to the main theme ties the songs together as a whole beautifully. Also, ‘Wolves Outside’ starts with a chorus, filled with many voices sounding more like a choir! 

We also loved ‘Maze’, it has a happier feel with a boom bap rhythm and claps give the Hiphop feel. ‘Hypnotise’ is a well penned love song with gorgeous instrumentation. Finally, ‘Feels Like It Burns’ has wonderfully mixed piano and synths, just magical.

The strongest component of the album is Fox’s lyric writing and delivery. On all of the tracks bar none the lyrics are interesting, diverse and thought provoking. Fox is able to take any given situation and document it in an compelling and captivating way. This is a stunning example of putting poetry to music and Fox is an expert. 

Having just released this album, Fox is currently working on his 5th studio album, he works hard and the rewards are here for us all to enjoy. 

One thing is for sure, each song on ‘Fairy Tales’ could easily be released as a single with a great deal of success. As we stated before, we struggled to pick our favourite track, why don’t you have a go? You will not be disappointed! 

Reviewed by FVReviews June 2018

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