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‘Foreplay’ – Ray William Roldan

Ray William Roldan is a musician based in Topanga, Ca. Roldan’s music fits into the Americana and Roots genre perfectly with hints of country thrown in for good measure.

‘Foreplay’ is a melchoncholy track, performed beautifully with a sparse accompanying arrangement. The rhythm guitar feels like a workhorse, down trodden and hopeless but never relenting. The solo guitar is dark and haunting in the background, complimenting the tone perfectly. Roldan’s voice has gritty, honest heart and soul quality to it. I could easily hear the track on a Johnny Cash record.

I would recommend Roldan’s music to any music fan, with the caution – you’ll be humming it all day. It’s the best type of catchy!

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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