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Galactapus – ‘The Lustful Arts’

Hailing from Minneapolis, Galactapus have released the must-hear, art-rock single ,’The Lustful Arts’. It is an innovative release that is pushing boundaries this Autumn 2022.

‘The Lustful Arts’ begins with an attention-grabbing opening. We adore the initial guitar that is unpredictable and memorable. Then, as the vocals enter, the listener is entranced.

The textured rhythm section and complex instrumentation have an addictive quality to them. Moreover, there is a tremendous rise and fall in the instrumentation with the addition of staccato strings that inject luscious colour into the piece.

Galactapus know how to keep the listener on their toes, and ‘The Lustful Arts’ is anything but predictable. We love this about the band. We never know where we are going to be taken next, but we are sure it will be an exciting ride!

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Aside from the music, we love Galactapus for the thought and detail they put into their art. The band remain nameless and faceless, and their music and video are produced solely by the band under their own roof. They are an innovative group that needs to be heard.


Galactapus are gearing up to release their second full-length album, ‘The Rainbows Of Wrong’. The band says about their music, “At best, there are a handful of ways to do something right, but a breathtakingly vast and beautiful spectrum of ways to do it wrong.” We can not wait for the full release to drop. Make sure that you follow the band’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news.

So check out ‘The Lustful Arts’ this week. It is hard to pigeonhole Galactapus – and that’s a good thing. They are a band who are not afraid to push boundaries and make waves. We very much look forward to hearing what they will do in 2023.

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