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Gary Dranow – ‘Destiny Road’

Hailing from Park City, musician Gary Dranow has released the brilliant, must-hear single ‘Destiny Road’. It is a classic-rock release that will have you reaching for the repeat button this January 2023.

A big, full-band opening greets the listener and instantly demands our attention. As the soulful guitar solo rings out, we find ourselves hooked. We adore Gary Dranow’s charismatic vocals that take the reins of the song, injecting vibrant colour into the piece.

Moreover, the catchy melodies are memorable and stay with the listener long after the music has ended. The excellent musicianship shines through, and the players are clearly masters in their respective fields.

Also, the single has been intelligently arranged; there is a rise and fall in the instrumentation that keeps the single feeling fresh.

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When asked what Dranow’s music conveys to his fans, he says, “Life lessons, especially dealing with personal struggles and how that affects your relationships, and also about following your dreams to fruition, which I feel is very important to live up to your potential.” The relatability in Gary Dranow’s music shines through, and this is prominent in ‘Destiny Road’.


We are thrilled to see a full EP entitled ‘Destiny Road’ is due for release in early 2023. ‘Destiny Road’ was initially set for release in the summer of 1997, but after many bumps in the road, it is only now, in 2023, that the release is materialising. Keep an eye on Gary Dranow’s socials below to be the first to hear about new music news!


Previously, two singles, ‘Fool Outta Me’ and ‘Twisted Minds’, have been released; we thoroughly recommend checking them out too! In addition, we were lucky enough to catch up with Gary Dranow for a full, in-depth interview; you can read it here!

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