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recklessgracecover‘Reckless Grace’ is the superb new album by the supremely talented artist Gisselak. The six-track album is a brilliant piece of work featuring strong elements of Christian Rock. There is a wonderful sense of positivity and hope throughout. These are themes that occur more than once in the songs. In times as they are currently, this is album is a welcomed listen.

There are so many strong songs on this album it is hard to pick a favourite, but if we had to choose, ’Bring You Back To Life’ is at the top of our list. First, we hear a piano and Gisselak’s unmistakable vocals enter. There are luscious changes from major to minor in the chords and unpredictable twists and turns too.

We adored the song ‘Light Fades’, the initial acoustic guitar plays all over the neck and there are gorgeous cadences to be found in the vocals. The song builds in layers creating texture and there are wonderful lyrics such as, ‘‘The more the light fades, the brighter you shine’.

The title track, ‘Reckless Grace’, sees big production and an upbeat nature. It is a song to feed the soul. All of the instruments are present from the get-go and it is a cracker of a title song.

‘This Is The Moment’ is a spell-binding track. The opening guitar is picked well and there is an opening duo performance between the vocals and guitar. The addition of the cello is beautiful and the driving kick on the chorus is the icing on top. Wonderful.

The overriding star of the album is Gisselak. Her vocal performance on each song emotes emotion and warmth. Her tone feels as though it has been touched by angels and she has the type of voice that we could listen to all day. There is a sweetness and comfort in her voice which automatically draws the listener in and keeps their attention, always wanting more.

We must also mention the exceptional musicianship which is showcased on ‘Reckless Grace’. From the drums to the guitars, to the piano and cello, each of these musicians are at the top of their game. They have the awareness and ability to know when to go full throttle and when to pull back and let the vocals shine. The mix, production, and mastering have all been executed to a high standard. Produced by Grammy award winner, Chad Carlson, each of the instruments have their own place in the mix which lets them shine but also they come together as a collective.

Based in the United States, Giselak is an artist who is very talented. Check out this special artist today!

Reviewed by FVReviews January 2019

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