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IMG_20190427_214648_288The wait is over! Grave Robbert is back with his latest single, ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’. Released on 26th April 2019, this single is a Rock/Metal song which will have you once again, reaching for the repeat button!

A pleasing 4:44 in length, ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’ opens to the sound of a screaming electric guitar and a big solo from the get-go. It is not alone, we also hear numerous guitars, drums and bass. It is fast-paced from the opening and instantaneously grabs the listener’s attention. The energy in each of the parts is mesmerising. The vocals are unmistakably Grave Robbert, his delivery is quiet but extremely impactful. The drums feel as though they are the heartbeat of the song. They constantly evolve throughout the song and provide a strong necessary foundation for the other instruments to grow.

We particularly loved the spoken word part of the single. There is a telephone-like quality which has been added as an effect and this adds further emphasis to the piece. There are female backing vocals in the chorus too which were unexpected but add further intrigue to this interesting and layered piece.

Towards the end, the guitars and drums pick up a marching pace. This is yet another unexpected twist to the tale and a reminder that Grave Robbert is anything but predictable. This is a composition masterclass for any musician to take notes from.

Based in Stockholm, Grave Robbert reminds us of Alice Cooper in many ways but makes a sound all of his own. The mix, production and mastering on ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’ are simply superb. There is an awful lot to this complex song and the correct balance has been found for each of the instrumentation in the mix. Each of the parts sounds crisp and clean but more importantly, they sound as though they belong together.

This is music which needs to be heard. We can not recommend Grave Robbert enough. Not only is this single brilliant but he is also creating a superb back catalogue too. We have been lucky enough to review his music before and any music lover will fall in love with this talented artist. So do not delay and check out, ‘The Ecstasy Of The Night’ today!

Reviewed by FVReviews May 2019

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