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IMG_20181023_103921_202We have bee lucky enough to be able to review two tracks by the band  Grave Robbert. He is Horror/Metal/Rock in genre and an absolute scream to listen to!

The first song, ‘Midnight Road’ is a gentle and delicate piece. It has a solo piano opening which then features a gorgeous female voice. The two duet, creating emotion and stunning artistry. There is a subtle but necessary amount of reverb on the vocals, it allows them room to breathe and highlights the stunning tone the singer possesses.

We hear a guitar enter in the second verse, this adds another layer of texture. Then on the chorus, we hear the addition of strings which help all of the instrumentation flow together as one cohesive piece. It is clever composition. There are uplifting major chords to enjoy which are swiftly followed by minor ones. This adds a further layer of sadness to the piece and it is an enthralling journey which the listener is taken on.

Versatility is shown in abundance in the two tracks we have reviewed. The second song, ‘When The Bell Tolls One’ is a complete juxtaposition in styles. This track is screamo /metal in style. It opens with an ominous bell toll giving the listener the feeling the song is set in a graveyard. Next, we hear an electric guitar playing single chords and the drums slowly make their entrance. The bass adds rhythm and stability to the piece. The kick drum is syncopated and feels unpredictable in the beginning. The drums then become very tom-heavy and a whispering voice enters.

There are layers of emotion being given from all of the instrumentation. It is a dark song which speaks of death and at times a welcomely uneasy listen. The guitar solo is squealing and full of melody. The guitar riffs evolve as the song progresses and they become marching towards the end. Every element has a big sound but also its own space in the mix. The song ends on a fade out, followed by a thunderstorm sound and howling winds. Excellent writing.

Influenced by Alice Cooper, Wednesday 13 and, Lizzy Borden, Grave Robbert makes for a sound that is undeniably his. Grave Robbert is versatile and far-reaching in his compositions which will appeal to a lot of folks from many different backgrounds. The skill and talent demonstrated in these two songs alone show what incredible skill Grave Robbert possesses. We can not wait to hear what comes next from this superb artist.

Reviewed by FVReviews November 2018

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