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‘Greenbah’ – Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders

‘Greenbah’ is the latest release by Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders. The album mixes together different genres, predominately Rock and Country in a very sonically pleasing bundle.

‘Little Johnny’ and ‘Only One’ are personal favourite as they are a  juxtaposition of the different ends of the spectrum within a genre. ‘Little Johnny’ is deep dark county, the violin providing light relief and adding texture. ‘Only One’ is bright, sweet and happy country tune, leaving you humming it all day!

Billy Robert’s voice resonates as flavours of different artists in different songs, all adding up to his unique style. ‘No one Knows me’ remind me of Jack Bugg in its cadences and nuances. ‘Don’t Tell Mama’ is reminiscent of Pink Floyd, the long intricate guitar solos giving it the flavour.

Looking at the artwork for Billy Roberts and the Rough Riders present and previous releases, not only is the quality in the music it is represented in the packaging too. It is crisp, clean and interesting and it represents the music perfectly.

Overall a fantastic listen, can’t wait for what will be coming in the future!

Reviewed by FVreviews October 2017

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