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The Happy Curmudgeons are a fantastic collection of studio musicians organised by Dave Hamilton. Their style is reminiscent of the Grateful Dead and The Rolling Stones but with their own unique twist.

The band are comprised of: Dave Hamilton (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars) Jeff Warner (Vocals, Acoustic & Electric Guitars and Mandolin) Amy Dixon-Lavery (Vocals) and Jay “Tumbleweed” Burrs (Harmonica).

‘Meant 2 Be’ is a melting pot of genres, mainly covering Country, Blues, Folk and Rock swirling together in harmony and being brought together as one succinct unit.

The first track ‘Bar Hopping’ is a perfect opening track, it is strong and clearly sets out the albums intensions. Throughout ‘Meant 2 Be’, the double tracking and harmonic vocals add depth and warmth to a catchy and upbeat album. Following a brilliant first tune, the stand out tracks for us are ‘Carnal Boggie’ and ‘Burn Sugar Burn’. There are gorgeous guitar openings, perfect percussion and stunning harmonies with the voices always working together beautifully. Each of the songs on ‘Meant 2 Be’ could easily be released as a single.

The production of the album is superb. Produced by Nate Harasim and Mark Byerly. The overall sound is crisp, clear and concise. There are moments of ‘Meant 2 Be’ reminding us of Creedence Clearwater Revival, 70’s Elton John and the Bare Naked Ladies.

In addition to the sensational artists already mentioned, also appearing on ‘Meant 2 Be’ are: Takashi Iio (Bass), Keith Leonard (Bass), Shawn Ramsey (Bass), Dylan Hornsby (Bass), Rick Beamon (Drums) Nate Harasim (Keyboards and Piano – courtesy of Yamaha), Jeff Taboloff (Sax) and Marlow Ray Morgan (Vocals on Burn Sugar Burn).

Albums like this one makes us love our job! Make sure to check out the Happy Curmudgeons on their tour of the Midwest in spring and summer 2018.

Reviewed by FVreviews April 2018



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