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Hailing from New York, Heathcote Hill are set to release their latest EP ‘Save The One’s You Love’. It is a mix of Country, Americana and Pop which will speak to your soul and have you reaching for the repeat button.

Released on the label 311 Music, ‘Save The Ones You Love’ opens with the title track. We are treated to luscious guitars, drums, bass, piano and a very special electric guitar solo. This is followed by Megan Porcaro Herspring’s beautiful vocals. She has the kind of voice which could sing any style of music and it would be wonderful. She is able to draw the listeners attention in and keep them mesmerised in the music. The song has unexpected changes from major to minor and also surprising 7th chords too. This is a theme we hear through the EP and it always keeps the listener on their toes.

‘Till These Troubles Pass Through’ features gorgeous harmonies and an electric guitar solo which is best described as magical. It is a stripped back song which does not need anymore instrumentation. The musicianship and the lyrics both shine through. Blissful.

We adored the song ‘Reckless Love’. It is a full band song from the get-go, filled with life and positive musical vibes. It is best described as upbeat Country Pop and once again it features a superb guitar solo. The backing vocals are strong and on point in the song too. A true masterclass in composition and performance.

The final two tracks, ‘Remember You Are Mine’ and ‘Never Change Your Mind’ do not let up with the top class song writing. They both feature heartfelt, relatable lyrics. The organs offer extra texture to the pieces which add further depth and enrichment.

Heathcote Hill are comprised of Megan Porcaro Herspring, Vocals, Bruce Rose, Bass, John Keener, Drums and Tom Nelson, Guitar/Piano. They are all clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields. Each of them shine in their areas but they also work well together to create beautiful, inspiring music.

So do something for you this Easter and check out ‘Save The Ones You Love’ today, you will not be disappointed.  

Reviewed by FVReviews April 2019






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