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Hollie Shearer – ‘Unlucky In Love’ Single Release

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Hollie Shearer

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Hollie Shearer – ‘Unlucky In Love’

Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, musician Hollie Shearer has released the brilliant indie-pop single ‘Unlucky In Love’. It is a single that sets Hollie Shearer as an artist to watch this 2021. 

A mysterious opening greets the listener. Hollie Shearer’s emotive vocal performance is engaging. Her rich and soulful vocals are double-tracked in places, and they inject a vivid colour into the piece. 

The backing instrumentation is layered and grows as the song progresses. In addition, the intriguing chordal progressions are intelligent and take the single in unexpected directions. 

Also, we found the main melody to be catchy, and it is one which will have the listener reaching for the repeat button!

Past Relationships

Shearer says about the release, “‘Unlucky In Love’ is based on bad experiences from past relationships and feeling like you will never find ‘the one’. The idea came around from countless conversations with friends, family and even strangers who all said they just couldn’t seem to get it right with love!” 

She continues, “I’ve learnt there is a hidden pressure in today’s society that we feel we ought to be dating and even be married at a certain age, which in time can leave you feeling not good enough and simply ‘unlucky in love’.”

We are so excited to have discovered Hollie Shearer. She is a phenomenal talent who is just getting started, and we very much look forward to hearing what she will do next. 

So make a note of the name Hollie Shearer, it might be the first time you have heard it, but we are sure that it will not be the last! Enjoy ‘Unlucky In Love’ from the link below today!

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