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Bernardo Garza / Horizonte Lied

Horizonte Lied – ‘Destello Inmortal’

Hailing from Mexico, Horizonte Lied has released the brilliant single ‘Destello Inmortal’. It is an electronic-pop release that you need to know about this February.

A staccato and textured synth opens the release before the beat and bass drop. The sonic spectrum is instantly filled with vivid colour, drawing the audience in and holding the listener’s attention effortlessly.

We adore the driving nature of the track that evolves before the listener. The charismatic vocals are engaging and have been mixed well. In addition, the punchy production adds further interest to the piece.

Moreover, the intelligent arrangement keeps the listener on their toes. One thing is for sure, ‘Destello Inmortal’ will have you reaching for the repeat button!


Horizonte Lied says about ‘Destello Inmortal’, “It’s about how love can get to us in the most unexpected moments leaving in its path an uncertain state of confusion mixed with a strange excitement.”

Band Members

Horizonte Lied comprises band members Alex Ezert – Production, programming, keyboards, and backing vocals; Bernardo Garza – Keyboards, percussions, and sound design; Jesús Logar – Lead Vocals, keyboards, and sound design. They are clearly talented musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.

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In addition, Horizonte Lied cites their influences as coming from bands such as Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd, Recoil, Soda Stereo, Clan of Xymox, and Cause and Effect. We can hear these muses coming through on ‘Destello Inmortal’, but Horizonte Lied stands shoulder to shoulder with any of these groups.


Horizonte Lied was formed in 1992, and the lineup has remained constant since 1996. They are a band driving the modern synth-pop genre forward, and we are excited to hear where they will go next.

Until then, ‘Destello Inmortal’ can be streamed from the link below. Enjoy today!

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