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O'Reilly & Vincent
O’Reilly & Vincent

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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator

Artist: Midnight Noise 

Release: ‘Forgetful Phase’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Israel, Midnight Noise are a band that you need to know about this Autumn. Their latest single ‘Forgetful Phase’ is an atmospheric and compelling song with a warm vibe and intoxicating melodies. We are thrilled to have discovered this exciting band and look forward to hearing more!


Release: ‘The Days We Remember’

Release Date: Out Now!

Melbourne-based musician KAIYAH MERCEDES has released the stunning single ‘The Days We Remember’. It is an acoustic single with memorable lyrics and compelling melodies that fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour. We adore the laid back vibe that lets the excellent songwriting shine through.


Release: ‘Directions’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Bangor, DYING HABIT have released the brilliant alt-rock single ‘Directions’. We adore the punchy production, layered complex instrumentation and captivating vibe. DYING HABIT are a band with a big future ahead of them and we can not wait to hear more!

Artist: HYDE AWAY 

Release: ‘Deceiver’

Release Date: Out Now!

Bishops Stortford-based band HYDE AWAY have released the stunning single ‘Deceiver’. It is an electrifying release that is filled with a wonderful rise and fall that fills the spectrum with luscious texture. In addition, the memorable chorus will have you reaching for the repeat button! HYDE AWAY are destined for big things.

Artist: MOT & KRID 

Release: ‘Yesterday I Cried’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘Yesterday I Cried’ is the brilliant release from MOT & KRID. Also, the single has been superbly co-released with Sean Wiggins whose magnificent vocal performance injects luscious colour into the piece. We adore the atmospheric verses that are juxtaposed to the energetic chorus. In addition, we hope there are more collaborations planned, we can not wait to hear more!

Drums at zZounds


Release: ‘Comin’ Up’ (Live) 

Release Date: Out Now!

Orlando-based band THE HAMILTONS are back with their stunning live release ‘Comin’ Up’. Fuelled by jangly guitars, charismatic vocals and a stoic rhythm section, it is a single that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. THE HAMILTONS are a band who go from strength to strength, check them out today!


Release: ‘Lipstick Lips’

Release Date: Out Now!

DUNFERMLINE-based band STAY FOR TOMORROW have released the punchy and dynamic single ‘Lipstick Lips’. We adore the energetic and addictive melodies that propel the song forward. STAY FOR TOMORROW are destined for big things! Add ‘Lipstick Lips’ to your new music playlist!


Release: ‘Ya Gotta Get Down To Get Up’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Chicago, THE WANDERING ENDORPHIN have released their funky indie-rock single ‘Ya Gotta Get Down To Get Up’. We adore the relatable lyrics, compelling vibe and charismatic vocal performances. THE WANDERING ENDORPHIN know how to write a catchy single and we look forward to what they will do next!

Recording at zZounds


Release: ‘I Am You’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Stockholm, PRINCIPE VALIENTE have released the excellent single ‘I Am You’. It is an alt-rock single with charismatic vocals, energetic instrumentation and a thoroughly addictive vibe. So, make a note of the name PRINCIPE VALIENTE, we are sure you will be hearing more of it in the future!


Release: ‘The Roof Falls In’

Release Date: Out Now!

Ludlow-based band O’REILLY & VINCENT have released the stunning single ‘The Roof Falls In’. It is a folk release that is filled with heart. We love the unpredictable twists and turns that feature in this intelligently composed song. They set O’REILLY & VINCENT apart from the crowd. Add ‘The Roof Falls In’ to your new music playlist this weekend!

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