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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator


Release: ‘DIRTY DOG’

Release Date: Out Now!

‘DIRTY DOG’ is the hard-rock single from Phoenix based artist JANE N’ THE JUNGLE. It is a hard-hitting song with a memorable chorus and superb vocal performance. JANE N’ THE JUNGLE  describes the song as a ‘Female freedom rock anthem’ – we could not agree more. JANE N’ THE JUNGLE is an artist leading her genre in 2022.

Artist: RATCHET 

Release: ‘Fixed Heart’

Release Date: Out Now!

RATCHET is a superb musician hailing from Leiden. His single ‘Fixed Heart’ is an indie-pop release that you need to hear. Complete with memorable melodies, haunting vocals and hard-hitting lyrics, it is a single that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. What an exciting artist RATCHET is.


Release: ‘Boxed Red Wine’

Release Date: Out Now!

Southampton-based duo FRIDAY NIGHT FIREFIGHT have released the brilliant single ‘Boxed Red Wine’. It is a synth-pop release that will have you reaching for the repeat button. We adore the catchy chorus, smooth vocals and crisp, welcoming production. ‘Boxed Red Wine’ is a must-add addition to your new music playlist.


Release: ‘Rock This Way’

Release Date: Out Now!

Country-rock doesn’t come any finer than ‘Rock This Way’ by Vale-based musician JENNIFER ALVARADO. With relatable lyrics, heavy instrumentation and addictive vocal performance it is a single that you need to hear this Summer. JENNIFER ALVARADO is an artist with a significant career ahead of her.


Release: ‘LATKD’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Thunder Bay, duo LOCKYER BOYS have released the excellent commercial-pop single ‘LATKD’. Set to an addictive beat, it is a relatable and memorable song that stays with the listener. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Jeff Dawson and Alan Poettcker (These Kids Wear Crowns), it is a single you do not want to miss!

Guitars at zZounds


Release: ‘Run & Hide’

Release Date: Out Now!

Manchester-based band NAT DEMPSEY & THE NEAR STRANGERS have released the excellent single ‘Run & Hide’. Complete with a catchy chorus, punchy production and intriguing lyrics ‘Run & Hide’ is an intelligent indie-rock single that sets NAT DEMPSEY & THE NEAR STRANGERS as a band to watch in 2022.

Artist: AMBER T 

Release: ‘Tightrope’

Release Date: Out Now!

AMBER T is an artist that you need to know about this summer. Her latest single ‘Tightrope’ is a superb indie-pop release that sets AMBER T apart from the crowd. We are sure this will be her breakthrough single and we can not wait to hear what she will do next. ‘Tightrope’ is available to stream from the link below!


Release: ‘You Gotta Jump In’

Release Date: Out Now!

Country-rock doesn’t come any finer than the new release from Pittsburgh-based artist GARY PRATT. Complete with a catchy chorus and wonderfully layered instrumentation, it is a single to soundtrack your summer. We can not wait to hear what GARY PRATT  will do next.

Keyboards at zZounds


Release: ‘You Were The One’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Seattle, musician COOPER CASTELLE has released the brilliant single ‘You Were The One’. With honest and relatable lyrics, it is a song that reaches out and touches the listener. Add it to your new music playlist this weekend; you will not be disappointed.

Artist: THEHIZ 

Release: ‘All My Love’

Release Date: Out Now!

THEHIZ is a brilliant musician hailing from Washington D.C. His latest single ‘All My Love’ features punchy production, memorable melodies and a soulful vocal performance. ‘All My Love’ is not a song you’ll forget in a hurry. Check it out today!

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