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Coma Beach

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Today we bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator

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Artist: MAL

Release: ‘Besides’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Van Nuys, MAL have released the excellent rock single ‘Besides’. Fuelled by charismatic vocal performances, memorable melodies and superb musicianship, it is a single that stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Enjoy from the player below today!


Release: ‘I’m James Bond’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

The brilliant Paris-based artist ROMAIN GUTSY is back with his innovative single ‘I’m James Bond’. We adore the staccato nature, nods to the Bond theme and charismatic vocal performances. One thing is for sure, ROMAIN GUTSY is an artist who stands out from the crowd and we look forward to hearing what will come next.


Release: ‘Matching Frequencies’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Brisbane-based JULIO INGLEZ has released the must-hear indie-pop single ‘Matching Frequencies’. It is a stunning release fuelled by soulful vocals, an addictive vibe and warm production. ‘Matching Frequencies’ is a single that needs to be on your new release radar.


Release: ‘King’s Hall’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Metz, musician DAN SZYLLER has released the enticing single ‘King’s Hall’. It is a rock-release that evolves before the listener with charismatic vocals, catchy melodies and a stoic rhythm section. ‘King’s Hall’ is a single that needs to be heard this Spring.

Artist: FEH

Release: ‘Right On Song’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Munich-based FEH have released the exciting trip-hop album ‘Right On Song’. It is an innovative released fuelled by exciting beats, charming vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. ‘Right On Song’ is an album that is leading the electronic-pop genre forward into 2023.


Release: ‘Stand Back In’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Sweden, KINGFISHER have released the addictive indie-pop single ‘Stand Back In’. Complete with intelligent chordal progressions, excellent musicianship and punchy production, ‘Stand Back In’ is a single that needs to be on your new release playlist this week!

Artist: PAM ROSS

Release: ‘Falling Off The Merry Go Round’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

U.S based artist PAM ROSS has released the stunning Americana release ‘Falling Off The Merry Go Round’. Featuring textured instrumentation, PAM ROSS’s formidable vocal performance and sublime guitar riffs, ‘Falling Off The Merry Go Round’ is a must-hear release.


Release: ‘Munich’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Germany, THE TRAIN ROCKERS have released the driving single ‘Munich’. It is a rock release that features stunning musicianship, charismatic vocal performances and textured instrumentation. ‘Munich’ is an addictive release that you need to hear this Spring.


Release: ‘Floating’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

London-based musician FLOTSZAM is an artist that you need to know about this April. Her release ‘Floating’ is an electronic-pop classic song in the making. We adore the soulful vocals, textured backing instrumentation and stoic rhythm section. We can not wait to hear more!


Release: ‘Jesus’ Tears’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

The fantastic Germany-based band COMA BEACH are back with their compelling single ‘Jesus’ Tears’. It is a rock-punk release filled with thought-provoking lyrics, stunning riffs and engaging instrumentation. COMA BEACH go from strength to strength and we can not wait to hear more!

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