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Today we bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator

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Release: ‘Wasting Away’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Chesterfield-based artist AZA BROWN is back with the incredible single ‘Wasting Away’. It is an indie-pop release complete with exciting melodies, intelligent chordal progressions and charismatic vocal performances. In addition, as a thank you, AZA BROWN is kindly giving away a free download of ‘Wasting Away’ get it here!


Release: ‘Flower Rock Rain’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Dublin-based band SEARCH RESULTS have released the phenomenal single ‘Flower Rock Rain’. It is an art rock release featuring addictive melodies, thought-provoking lyrics and warm production. We can not wait to hear what SEARCH RESULTS will do next!


Release: ‘Time Out’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Galway, the superb artist SANO HILL is back with his brilliant indie-rock single ‘Time Out’. Fuelled by a stunning arrangement, textured instrumentation and charming vocal performances, ‘Time Out’ is a song that stays with the listener long after the music has ended.

Artist: JYŌSHU

Release: ‘Paradise’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Sydney-based artist JYŌSHU has released the brilliant electronic-pop single ‘Paradise’. We adore the dynamic instrumentation, stoic beat and charming vocal performances, ‘Paradise’ is a single that needs to be added to your new music playlist this week!


Release: ‘Alapaha Shine’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

The superb band ALAPAHA SHINE have released the must-hear self-titled EP, ‘Alapaha Shine’. It is an alternative-rock EP featuring driving instrumentation, excellent musicianship and magnetic melodies. ALAPAHA SHINE are a band that need to be heard this June.

Twitter: @alapahashine


Release: ‘Eco-Fever’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

London-based artist MARI DANGERFIELD has released the stunning electronic-pop EP ‘Eco-Fever’. Fuelled by soulful vocal performances, moving instrumentation and punchy production, ‘Eco-Fever’ is an EP that is leading the synth-pop genre forward into 2023.


Release: ‘Love In The City’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from STOURBRIDGE, musician RAE TRAVERS has released the excellent single ‘Love In The City’. It is a pop release fuelled by soulful vocal performances, gorgeous instrumentation and hard-hitting lyrics. ‘Love In The City’ needs to be on your new release radar.


Release: ‘451’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

London-based band ARLISTON are back with the magnificent single ‘451’. It is a hard-hitting release complete with an innovative sound, ever-evolving arrangement and inviting production. ARLISTON go from strength to strength and we can not wait to hear what will come next.

Artist: POSSUM

Release: ‘Possum Bitter’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Melbourne-based artist POSSUM has released the stunning EP ‘Possum Bitter’. It is an indie-folk release that features intelligently arranged instrumentation, superb vocal performances and excellent storytelling. POSSUM is a troubadour who is on the rise this June.


Release: ‘Binary’

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Ireland, CHASING FELIX has released the superb single ‘Binary’. It is an art-rock release featuring stunning melodies, compelling lyrics and warm, inviting production. ‘Binary’ is a single that you do not want to miss this June.

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