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Today we bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator

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Release: ‘Deep Inside

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from New South Wales, LOKKISKOTT has released the must-hear single ‘Deep Inside‘. It is an acoustic release complete with relatable lyrics, emotive vocal performances and excellent musicianship. ‘Deep Inside‘ needs to be on your new release playlist this week.


Release: ‘Modern Paradigm

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Tasmania-based THE VENUS FIGURINES have released the must-hear album ‘Modern Paradigm‘. It is a hard-rock release featuring dynamic instrumentation, intelligent arrangements and charismatic vocal performances. THE VENUS FIGURINES are destined for big things in 2023.


Release: ‘Everything

Release Date: OUT NOW!

The brilliant Atlanta-based troubadour ETHAN SENGER has released the excellent indie-rock single ‘Everything‘. Complete with catchy melodies, superb musicianship and driving beats, ‘Everything‘ is a classic pop-rock single in the making. Enjoy today!


Release: ‘Beloved

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Montreal-based CHILD ACTRESS has released the phenomenal single ‘Beloved‘. It is a brilliant art-rock release complete with pulsating beats, innovative sound and stunning instrumentation. ‘Beloved‘ is a single that stays with the listener long after the music has ended!

Artist: ROGUE FX

Release: ‘The Fifth Step

Release Date: OUT NOW!

An FVMusicBlog favourite artist is back! The brilliant Durham-based ROGUE FX has released the stunning EP ‘The Fifth Step‘. It is a must-hear synth-pop release complete with compelling production, thought-provoking lyrics and driving beats. ROGUE FX has gone from strength to strength, and we can not wait to hear what will come next.


Release: ‘Here and Now

Release Date: OUT NOW!

The excellent Oslo-based artist ROBERT VENDETTA is back with his brilliant pop release ‘Here and Now‘. It is a compelling single complete with emotive vocal performances, intelligent chordal progressions and warm, inviting production. ROBERT VENDETTA is an artist who gets better with each new release.


Release: ‘Empty Bed

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from London, FAT CAT AFFAIR has released the stunning single ‘Empty Bed‘. It is a magnificent release complete with enticing grooves, excellent musicianship and punchy production. Read more about the superb single here. We can not wait to hear more!


Release: ‘Rocking Into Midnight

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Singapore, musician SANJAY MICHAEL has released the brilliant album ‘Rocking Into Midnight‘. It is an indie-rock release complete with driving beats, stunning guitar work and intelligent arrangements. We can not wait to hear what SANJAY MICHAEL will do next!


Release: ‘Get My Groove

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Hailing from Perth, THE TOTEM SPIRIT ANIMALS have released the must-hear single ‘Get My Groove‘. It is fuelled by dynamic instrumentation, charismatic vocal performances and inviting production. ‘Get My Groove‘ needs to be on your new release radar this August!

Artist: ROKITA

Release: ‘Hyperbolic Overload

Release Date: OUT NOW!

Frankenmuth-based ROKITA has released the excellent indie-rock release Hyperbolic Overload‘. It is a brilliant single complete with thought-provoking lyrics, charismatic vocal performances and superb musicianship. ROKITA are a band who are on the rise this Autumn!

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