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Sugar Nova – From the Hip Photos

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It’s #NEWRELEASEFRIDAY! We bring to you our hottest finds of the week. We have curated a list of the best releases from our musical travels this week and are putting them all in one place for your listing pleasure! This coverage is created via #sustainablecurator

Artist: Cyber Druid

Release: ‘Neon Dance’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from Germany, artist Cyber Druid has released the must-hear single ‘Neon Dance’. It is an upbeat release fuelled by punchy production, addictive synths and excellent vocal performances. ‘Neon Dance’ needs to be added to your new music playlist this week!


Release: ‘Live Your Life’

Release Date: Out Now!

London-based artist GEMINI CHRIS has released the excellent single ‘Live Your Life’. It is a release that features an addictive chorus, wonderful vocal performances and intelligently arranged instrumentation. ‘Live Your Life’ will have you reaching for the repeat button this Winter!


Release: ‘Sky Fallin”

Release Date: Out Now!

Bend-based artist DEAN MUELLER has released the brilliant single ‘Sky Fallin”. It is a catchy Americana release with relatable lyrics and excellent instrumentation. Read our full review here. DEAN MUELLER is a troubadour who needs to be heard!


Release: ‘House By The Sea’

Release Date: Out Now!

Brighton-based artist CHLOE LEIGH has released the must-hear single ‘House By The Sea’. It is an alt-folk release that features gorgeous harmonies, relatable lyrics and wonderful instrumentation. CHLOE LEIGH is destined for big things in 2023.


Release: ‘Strong For You’

Release Date: Out Now!

Melbourne-based artist KAREN HARDING is back with her must-hear single ‘Strong For You’. It is an intelligently arranged single that showcases Harding’s soulful vocals, hard-hitting lyrics and warm production. KAREN HARDING is a hardworking and talented musician who is continually making waves.

Drums at zZounds


Release: ‘Lay Me Low’

Release Date: Out Now!

Hailing from New York, musician TOM MURRY has released the phenomenal Americana release ‘Lay Me Low’. Featuring a welcoming groove, excellent musicianship and punchy production, it is a single that effortlessly draws the listener in. TOM MURRY is a troubadour who needs to be heard.

Artist: CAMENS

Release: ‘I Concede To Worrying’

Release Date: Out Now!

Stoke-On-Trent-based band CAMENS have released the magnificent single ‘I Concede To Worrying’. It is a brilliant indie-rock single with textured instrumentation, charismatic vocals and catchy melodies. CAMENS are a band to watch in 2023.


Release: ‘If I Could’

Release Date: Out Now!

Manchester-based band CULTURES are onto a winner with their excellent single ‘If I Could’. We adore the warm production, inviting vocals and stunning musicianship. Make a note of the name CULTURES, we are sure we will be hearing much more from them next year.

Recording at zZounds


Release: ‘Death Trap’

Release Date: Out Now!

The superb Nashville-based artist JOSHUA KETCHMARK is back with his addictive single ‘Death Trap’. Complete with heartfelt lyrics, soulful vocals and superb instrumentation, it is a single that adds further layers to JOSHUA KETCHMARK’s music catalogue. We can not wait to hear what he will do next.


Release: ‘Gospel Hour (2 AM)’

Release Date: Out Now!

Denver-based band SUGAR NOVA have released the brilliant dream-pop single ‘Gospel Hour (2 AM)’. It is a single which features gorgeous harmonies, stunning vocal performances and intriguing instrumentation. SUGAR NOVA are a duo on the rise and ‘Gospel Hour (2 AM)’ could be their big breakthrough.

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