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Houston Ayre
Houston Ayre

Houston Ayre – ‘a welcome silence of trees’

It has been 6 months since we heard new music from Houston Ayre. In that time, a lot has changed, but ayre’s addictive and compelling songwriting has not! 

‘a welcome silence of trees’ is an album that takes the listener on a journey. The title track opens the release and instantly demands the audience’s attention. It is a piece that evolves before the listener, continually changing its path and keeping the audience on their toes. 

‘under the roots’ is a standout song with duelling melodies complimenting one another and pulling the listener in different directions. The gorgeous synths add layers of colour to the piece with a stabbing staccato vibe. 

In addition, ‘at peace with the trees’ opens to a melodic and engaging beginning. The gorgeous harmonies sing out, and the melodies have a relatable vulnerability. 

Taking the album in a fresh direction, ‘the maze in the trees’ is filled with a big inviting sound from the get-go. The fantastic guitar melodies are sumptuous, and it is a track that will have you reaching for the repeat button. 


Houston says about the release, “My latest album captures a range of moods that one can experience within a large body of trees. It also takes us on a journey of the imagination such as can be discovered in the books of J.R.R Tolkien [the Ents of Fangorn forest] and C.S. Lewis [the Dryads of Narnia].”

Drums at zZounds

He continues, “I love the way that ancient trees remind us that the majestic and wonderful beauty of God’s creation evolves over decades and centuries, especially in a society which is increasingly based on instant gratification and what is right for me right now.”


‘a welcome silence of trees’ is precisely the reason why we know that the full album release will never die. It is a full body of work whose single parts come together to form a whole collection of work that needs to be heard. So turn the lights down and the volume up!

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