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Spotify for Artists is a free service that is invaluable to indie musicians. 

It is one of the most powerful data-driven sets of statistics a musician has at their disposal. 

It enables you to manage your profile and gives you essential data on which tracks perform best, where your audience is based, and more. 

Spotify For Artists helps you grow your audience and better understand your listener’s demographics, such as;

  • How your music is being heard
  • Where your music is being listened to
  • Age demographics

Crucial information like this will help you to form a strategic plan to market your music by making informed decisions based on factual data, resulting in a successful marketing campaign.

It also allows you to pitch your new music to playlists and highlight essential songs. And so much more!

Spotify’s Artists Product Manager Emily White says, “The most important thing in Spotify for Artists is access to data that helps you understand who and where your audience is and what songs connect with listeners the most. Access to this information enables you to make data-informed decisions about how you market your songs, who you collaborate with, and where in the world you promote your music.” 

3 Important Data Statistics On Your Spotify For Artists Account

#1 Audience

The Audience section displays a timeline of your total number of listeners, streams, and followers. 

This metric gives you an idea of how your songs perform over time. 

Here you can track growth overall and see the progression from release to release. 

Viewing your Source of Streams chart, you can also see how people listen to your music. 

This chart shows you what % of your total streams come from different sources on Spotify. 

For example, are they coming directly from your artist profile page or one of Spotify’s editorial playlists? 

This chart can help you comprehend if people are actively searching for your music, saving it to their library, and adding it to their personal playlists.

On the Audience tab, you can also see the demographics of listeners, track their gender and their location in the world and find similar artists to you. 

This data can help you form a strategic release campaign to capitalise on the areas already doing well. 

#2 Music 

The Music section allows you to keep track of how your releases are performing on the platform. 

You can gain intriguing insight into which songs connect with listeners and the playlists they have been added to and view and compare total streams between your releases. 

For each release on Spotify, you can see a timeline of total streams, source of streams, how listeners discovered your music, and the top countries and cities you are being listened to.

There is also a Playlists tab that which public playlists on Spotify you have been added to and how many times your music has been streamed from those playlists.

#3 Home

The home section lets you view your latest release’s performance with real-time streams. 

You can track rack streams for your new release live for the first seven days, and the live stream count updates every two seconds, so you are never behind the data.

You can also see how many people listen to your music in real-time, plus a summary of last week’s most important stats.

Spotify Audit

Before you release any new music, doing a Spotify Audit is a good idea. 

An audit allows you to take stock and see where you are starting from and where you are working towards.

So take 5 minutes to answer the questions below. Your answers are private and just for you to help plan what you want to achieve with your future release and form a strategic plan to get there. 

  • How singles, EPs, and albums do you have on Spotify?
  • What’s your most popular song?
  • How many followers do you have?
  • Have you pitched any releases for Editorial playlists?
  • Is your artist profile up to date?
  • Have you added a Canvas?
  • Are you selling merch on Spotify?
  • Is your Artist Pick set up?
  • What are your current real-time streams?

Have a read through your answers and start to formulate a Spotify progression plan. 

What have you completed, and what needs to be ticked off?

And most importantly…

What do you want to achieve with your next release? 

Increase your followers, streams or income?

Your future releases are in your hands!

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