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Jeyaia – ‘No Love’

Sydney-based artist Jeyaia released the magnificent single ‘No Love’ in June 2022. It is a contemporary R&B single that strikes its listeners’ hearts.

A welcoming guitar opens the release before the beat drops, and Jeyaia’s soulful vocals take the song’s reigns. We adore the laid back groove that fills the sonic spectrum and draws the audience in.

As the chorus hits, Jeyaia’s smooth tones are catchy, and we adore the relatable, heartfelt nature of the lyrics. Jeyaia knows how to relate to her audience and this is a big part of her charm.

In addition, the production of ‘No Love’ is filled with warmth; every part of the layered instrumentation has its own space in the mix and shines bright.


Jeyaia says about the single, “‘No Love’ describes that feeling that many can resonate with; the feeling of being alone, even when lying in someone’s arms and being as close as two humans can possibly be.”

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She continues, “We spend so much time in unfulfilling relationships, blaming the other for not loving us the way we want to be loved when really, this connection holds the key to us learning our greatest life lessons. Healing the past, which is blocking us from seeing the other through the eyes of love in the present. Love is a journey of self-discovery.”

Chelsea Warner

‘No Love’ has been masterfully produced by singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Chelsea Warner. Together the duo have created a single that will stand the test of time.


Jeyaia’s previous single ‘Rising’ was featured in Beat Magazine, LA Wire / New York Wire, EDM Nations and Music Observer. After hearing ‘No Love’, we can not wait to check out the previous release too.

One thing is for sure; Jeyaia is an artist on the rise in 2022. She is an incredible talent just getting started, and we can not wait to hear what she will do next!

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