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Johann TM – ‘We Talk’

London-based musician Johann TM has released the stunning single, ‘We Talk’. It is an alternative-pop release that you need to know about this February. 

‘We Talk’ gently swims into the sonic spectrum before Johann TM’s stunning vocals demand the listener’s attention. His voice is filled with soul, and he conveys emotion effortlessly. 

In addition, we adore the dramatic synths, melodic bass and stoic rhythm section. Also, the catchy chorus stays with the listener long after the music has ended. Lyrically, ‘We Talk’ is relatable, and Johann TM allows us to feel less alone together. 

Moreover, we adore the mix, production and master of ‘We Talk’. Johann TM has executed them well and added further depth to the piece. ‘We Talk’ is a single that needs to be heard!

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Johann TM says about releasing music, “Despite all the self-doubt and fears of failure, I know that I have something special to offer the world, and I’ve written close to 100 songs to prove it.”

He continues, “‘We Talk’ is the very first step in what will hopefully be an outstanding career. I want to be massively successful, and I have no shame in saying that. But what is genuinely most important is making music that emotionally moves me.”

The Stags Head – Hoxton

In addition, Johann TM has a gig at The Stags Head in Hoxton on Saturday, 11th February. Tickets are available here. If you are in the area, we thoroughly recommend attending. 


We are thrilled to have heard ‘We Talk’ and can not wait to listen to what Johann TM will do next. He is an exciting talent pushing the boundaries of alt-pop, and we are excited to hear about his career progress. 

So add ‘We Talk’ to your new music playlist this week. Johann TM is destined for big things, and we can not wait to hear more!

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