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Hailing from Copperopolis, California, Josh Pfeiffer is an incredible singer/songwriter with a voice sent from heaven. His latest single, ‘One More Time’ is a delicate and emotional song which represents Pfeiffer’s skill and talent perfectly.

‘One More Time’ opens to the sound of a gorgeous solo piano, followed by Pfeiffer’s rich, warm and soulful voice. We are also treated to an emotional acoustic guitar, drums after the first chorus and many other beautiful instruments. Each of the instrumental elements builds slowly, which gives the track room to breathe and naturally evolve.

We adored the slide guitar solo in the latter half of ‘One More Time’, it captures the deep and meaningful essence of the song. It is touching and delicate with a deep melodic essence. We also loved the solo kick drum which feels like the heartbeat of the song.

‘One More Time’ is a relatable, touching and elegant single. It’s melody and phrasing add to the tear-jerking nature of the song. Pfeiffer’s vocal performance is a stand out element of the track. He is naturally able to convey emotion through his performance and his sensual tones alone make for a stunning piece of art.

We were also incredibly impressed with the stunning and cinematic video which accompanies this release. Directed by Alejandro Guimoye, the video captures the mood and essence of the song beautifully. It truly is the perfect visual accompaniment to the music. Initially we listened to the audio alone and thought the song to be about a relationship breakup. However, after watching the video (without giving any spoilers away!), it was soon clarified which type of loss is being described. This theme will be extremely relatable to many different people around the world and hopefully will offer some comfort to them.

We must also mention the beautiful production on both the audio and visuals to the song. The audio production is warm and clear with space for each of the instrumentation to shine. The visual production is equally as warm with strong themes and concept.

We could easily see ‘One More Time’ being used as placement in TV and/or film. It would fit seamlessly into many different situations and it would enhance any visual performance.

So grab a box of tissues and check out this moving and emotional song (and video) today!

Reviewed by FVReviews December 2018

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