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Josh Savage
Josh Savage

Josh Savage – ‘Another Life’

Released on Savage Tribe Records, ‘Another Life’ is the excellent album release from Berlin-based artist Josh Savage. It is a dream-pop release that strikes at the heart of its listeners.

‘Young Fools’ opens the release to a staccato guitar and Savage’s unmistakable charismatic vocals. Then, as the chorus drops, the listener is fully engaged.

‘Compass in the Dark’ is a standout track. It is filled with atmosphere and character, which is deeply relatable. Savage is a troubadour who reaches out and touches his audience.

‘Stay Away’ is an honest and vulnerable song filled with gorgeous instrumentation that underpins Savage’s soulful vocals. In addition, we adore the swirling keys and layered backing instrumentation that adds luscious colour to the piece. Finally, ‘Imprint’ closes the album, and it will have the listener reaching for the repeat button.


Savage says, “When I first set out writing songs, I promised myself never to have the word “love” in them. I felt songs that did were cheesy and cliché. I was so dedicated to my art that I was single for nine years; it’s hard to build sparks into a meaningful flame when you are in another city the next day.”

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He continues, “And then I met someone – in Paris of all places. We handwrote letters to each other, sent them across the ocean and met all over the world. I finally understood ‘love,’ and hard as I tried, could not find a replacement; no other word did it justice, so I caved in and broke my own rules.”

Work Ethic

Josh Savage is a driven and hard-working artist whose work ethic is second to none. The last 12 months have seen multiple single releases and extensive touring across the UK and EU. Savage has performed 700 shows across four continents and continues pushing his music to the next level.


Savage has supported artists such as Jack Savoretti, Reverend & the Makers, Roll Deep and Catfish & The Bottlemen and has performed at official showcases at SXSW – Texas, Canadian Music Week and the Alternative Escape – Brighton.

Make sure you add ‘Another Life’ to your new music playlist this week. Josh Savage is an exhilarating artist from whom we can not wait to hear more!

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