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Joyeur - Meara McDonald
Joyeur – Meara McDonald

Joyeur – ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’

Los Angeles-based artist Joyeur has released the phenomenal album ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’. It is an electronic-pop release with a lot of heart.

‘Underbelly’ opens the release, instantly drawing the audience in. Joyeur’s outstanding vocal performance demands the listener’s attention while the luscious instrumentation fills the sonic spectrum.

‘Please Stand By’ is a soulful and charismatic song filled with relatable lyrics and memorable melodies. In addition, we adore the intriguing production, which adds further complexities to an already intelligently composed and arranged song.

‘Destroyer’ features gorgeous chordal progressions and soulful vocals. In addition, ‘Tongue Tied’ takes the album in a fresh direction, keeping the listener on their toes. Finally, ‘Window Shopping’ closes this superb release and leaves the listener reaching for the repeat button.


Joyeur says about the album, “There are songs about going numb and totally checking out from life (‘Swell’), songs about feeling like a failure but continuing on (‘Please Stand by’ and ‘Fish’), and songs that make you feel hopeful (‘Window Shopping’).”

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She continues, “It’s the spectrum of human experience, I’m telling my story, but it’s really all of ours. Grappling with the two sides of one coin. Fear and love. Joy and pain. Constantly flipping it. Doing my best to make a decisive departure from old patterns that hold me back from my happiness, but knowing that hating myself is never the answer.”

Anna Feller

Joyeur (AKA Joelle Corey) has worked with longtime production collaborator Anna Feller on this latest release. Together the duo have created a piece of art that will stand the test of time.

So make sure you add ‘How To Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything’ to your weekday playlist. Joyeur is an exciting and dynamic artist who is making relatable and addictive music that needs to be heard!

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