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Kenton Hall & The Necessary Measures – ‘Idiopath’

Hailing from Leicester, Kenton Hall & The Necessary Measures have released the superb album ‘Idiopath’. It is an alt-country release that you need to hear this February.

‘Keep It Simple’ opens the 36-track album. It swims into the sonic spectrum, and as the vocals enter, it instantly demands the listener’s attention. In addition, ‘It’s Not Over Yet’ takes disc one in a fresh direction with a funky beat, stunning arrangement and charismatic vocals.

‘That’s More Like It’ opens disc two with a rocky feel and intelligent chordal progressions. Also, ‘Charlotte’ is filled with addictive melodies and a punchy rhythm section. Moreover, ‘She Sang’ is an inviting track with gorgeous harmonies and stunning poetic lyrics.

‘Second Drum’ is a stand-out song on disc three. It is a track that evolves before the listener with gorgeous melodies throughout. ‘Finally, ‘In Summation’ closes the mammoth release, and the excellent songwriting is evident in each track. The string arrangement is divine and will have you reaching for the repeat button.

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Multimedia Project

Interestingly, ‘Idiopath’ is one part of a multimedia project by Kenton Hall. The project comprises ‘Idiopath’ (36 original songs), ‘Omniopath’ (all 36 songs reinterpreted by other artists) and ‘Videopath’, 36 short films that will make up a feature-length video anthology in December 2023. We look forward to the different components being released.


Not only a talented musician, but Kenton Hall has also written and directed his debut feature film A Dozen Summers (Netflix), as well as having written official novellas for Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Who, co-written the 10-part Audible drama Getting Better (Rhod Gilbert), and written the audio sitcom The Council for AUK Studios which he also starred in.

What Will Come Next…

One thing is for sure, Kenton Hall is a driven and exciting artist. His talents cross mediums, and we can not wait to hear, musically, what he will do next. But, until then, turn the lights down and the volume up, ‘Idiopath’ is a release that deserves your full attention.

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