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Kepa Lehtinen – Anu Sow

Kepa Lehtinen – ‘In The Heart Of Winter’

Hailing from Helsinki, musician Kepa Lehtinen has released the magnificent album ‘In The Heart Of Winter’. This classical release will have you reaching for the repeat button this Spring.

‘In The Heart of Winter, Pt. 1’ and ‘In The Heart of Winter, Pt. 2’ open the album with stunning melodies, atmospheric theremin and intriguing nature.

In addition, we adore ‘It Gets Dark’. The intelligent chordal progressions and unpredictable arrangement keep the listener on their toes. Moreover, ‘Waltz For The Sleeping Helsinki’ is a captivating track fuelled by textured instrumentation and melodies that fill the sonic spectrum with vivid colour.

Also, ‘Waltz For Prepared Piano’ is a mesmerising track, while ‘Lake Theme For Saw, Theremin’ gently evolves before the listener, taking us on a mystical journey. Finally, ‘Bye’ closes the release and brings the album full circle beautifully.

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Kepa Lehtinen says about the release, “I didn’t plan a freak show, but now that the album is finished, I noticed that there’s a saw, a prepared piano, and, of course, a theremin on it.” He continues, “As a sound designer, I put a lot of emphasis on the sound of my music. I’ve noticed that my interest has shifted from synthesis to traditional acoustic methods of creation. Maybe I also went crazy about artistic freedom after all the discipline of TV work.”


Previously, Kepa Lehtinen studied sound design at Aalto University, has made music for film and television, and currently owns a recording studio. He is a talented and driven artist making exciting and innovative music that pushes the instrumental genre forward into 2023.

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So make sure that you add ‘In The Heart Of Winter’ to your new music playlist this week, ‘In The Heart Of Winter’ is an album that needs to be heard.

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