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Killbillies – Danelle Michaud

Killbillies – ‘Back to Basics’

Hailing from West Palm Beach, Killbillies are an alt-country/folk rock band you need to know about. Their latest release, ‘Back to Basics,’ is a stunning album that will have you reaching for the repeat button this Winter.

‘Wetting The Beak’ opens the release with an atmospheric beginning. Then, as the addictive melodies kick in, the audience finds themselves hooked. We adore the intelligent chordal progressions that set the piece alight.

In addition, ‘Promised Dream’ is an upbeat track with compelling melodies and charismatic vocal performances. The brilliant musicianship drives the song along with vibrant harmonies too.

Moreover, ‘Fall on Your Sword’ takes the album in a fresh direction. A stoic rhythm section underpins the big and impacting opening vocals. Finally, ‘Folk Like Us’ closes the release with a memorable song that brings the album full circle. ‘Back to Basics’ needs to be heard to be fully appreciated.

Band Members

Killbillies comprises band members Ben Childs – guitar, vox, snare and sax; James Galiano – banjo, vox, and kick; and Hector Diaz – stand-up bass and vox. They are all clearly excellent musicians in their respective fields, but the magic happens when they play together.


The band says about the release, “The album is heavily influenced by Ben’s recovery journey over the last three years and touches on issues of addiction, coping with day-to-day life and self-belief. There is also an overriding theme of Ben’s journey as an immigrant to the USA.”

Keyboards at zZounds

They continue, “It isn’t a concept album but thematically, the songs all lean towards this process of self-acceptance that Ben has gone through as well as his coming to terms with living in another country and all the heartache and adjustments that go along with that.”

Stev Fallone

‘Back to Basics’ was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, and Emmy award-winning engineer Stev Fallone has superbly mastered it. Together the team have done an excellent job in releasing an album that will stand the test of time.

So make sure you add ‘Back to Basics’ to your new music playlist this week; you will not be disappointed!

Drums at zZounds

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