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‘Killer’ is the new Single to be released by the Australian Rock band Collegians. Released on Cultivator Records in April 2018, ‘Killer’ is a sublime track mixing Rock music with Electronic element, which all come together in a delicious sonic experience. It is a bitter sweet love song at its heart with Rock engulfed pop hooks throughout.

It begins with a mysterious piano intro companied by reverb heavy drums which creates a mysterious and pensive opening. Once the vocals kick it, it reminds us of Imagine Dragons but with Collegians own unique twist. 

There are pauses in-between sections which leaves the listener eagerly anticipating the next hard hitting parts. These cut back pauses create texture and quietly add to a deeply engaging song. 

We were massively impressed with the mix of the track, it is balanced extremely well and would sit nicely on any radio station. The drums feel almost industrial in parts which is subtle and adds to the innovative feel. There is a gentle fuzz on the guitars and synths which accompanies in the background and provides a back bone in the fuller parts. The harmonies are spot on and the double track vocals add fullness to a well proportioned track. Most of all we loved the middle 8, the backing all falls away and leaves room for the vocals to shine bright and be the star of the piece.

Although hailing from Melbourne Australia, their lead singer Glenn Patrick is British born and his accent can be heard in parts of his vocal performance. The vocals are smooth in tone and rich in tapestry drawing from experience and grounding.

Made up of members: Glenn Patrick, Gery Leigh, James Leigh and Vince Leigh, Collegians are a very tight bacd. They are clearly seasoned musicians who are extremely comfortable in their respective instruments. Masters of their crafts and emotional hard hitters, this band have much more to come.

The hooky nature of this brilliant track means one thing: It will be stuck in your head all day! This is most certainly not a bad thing. It becomes like an old friend you keep revisiting.

Collegians certainly stand out from the crowd and we can not wait to hear what comes next from this very special band.

Reviewed by FV Reviews April 2018



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